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Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a Mom, wife, veteran, self-help addict and blogger.  I started this blog to chronicle my journey and adventure into the blog life and to find other real, raw, honest parents and women, share stories and advice, and to step out of my comfort zone.  I guess I’m here because in this day and age of Pinterest moms and Instagram models and Facebook perfect lives, I need to know that there are still REAL people out there, struggling just like me.

Boiling yourself down to a paragraph is a lot harder than it looks!  Basically, I’m just a mom trying to juggle raising three kids, two dogs, one husband, and stay sane.  Some days I’m killing it, and other days it’s killing me, but I’m still here.  I’m a native Texan, a simple kinda gal, and I say the f* word a lot.  Not a domestic goddess, but I’ve managed to pull together some tips and tricks to balancing life in the modern day, and still have a sense of humor when the day is over.  That’s something and I want to share that.

My kids are 12, 10, & 7, my youngest being my daughter, the oldest two my boys.  They’re at this really fun age where they don’t quite hate me yet, but I embarrass them ALL THE TIME. (Gangsters Paradise in the school drop off line, anyone?) Yeah, it’s great.

When I’m not chasing kids or writing, you can usually find me hiding somewhere with a good book!  My other hobbies are making pinteresting things, sarcasm and shenanigans.

I’m new to blogging so please, please, please contact me if you notice I’ve messed up somewhere, my kids would probably be better at this, but I am learning!! It’s hard when you grew up with floppy disks and Betamax.

If you’re not too easily offended and you are looking for some snarky commentary on current events, parenting, lifestyle, blogging, and free tips, tricks & secrets – Look no further you’ve found the right place!

If you think I’m a cool person, ( or you really like awkward people?) have a question, found a mistake, want to collaborate with me or want to talk to me you can always email me at OR head on over to the contact page where you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, OR leave a comment on the blog.


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